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Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

Well, July has arrived and that means July Revival at Boston Avenue!

I was a student at Boston Avenue when Dr. Biggs instituted this tradition. We had the approach of a brush arbor revival where we sang a lot of the more “old timey” hymns. I can remember Dr. Biggs saying that during this month, we were going to sing a lot of hymns, pray, read the scripture, take up the money, and preach!

While many of the hymns were new to my contemporaries at the time, they were old hat to me, as my family had migrated from the Assemblies of God church during my childhood. I was quite familiar with the repertoire and as my family was a singing family in the home and at church, this was actually a nostalgic time for me!

So I would invite you to a more liturgically relaxed time of worship as we gather together this month. For my sermons, we will stay with the Gospel lessons from the lectionary. I will call the sermons from the month of July, “Reviving Faith: How our Traditions Speak to us Today” and this Sunday’s sermon will be based on Mark 6:1-13.

Interestingly enough, this is where Jesus returns to the town where he grew up in Nazareth. They are not sure about Jesus, and remember him as a carpenter rather than a rabbi. Hopefully enough time has lapsed since I’ve been at Boston Avenue that I don’t encounter the same difficulty, but if so, I’m in good company!

I am choosing to focus this Sunday’s sermon on the second part of the scripture where Jesus sends the disciples out and he anticipates some rejection. Wherever the disciples encounter less than welcoming conditions, they are to clap the dust off their sandals at the town as they depart.

My sermon title is “I’m Coughing from the Dust” as I examine the viewpoint of the rejecting townspeople. I hope you’ll join us at either 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. as we worship in the sanctuary. Of course, we also have an alternative worship service in Jubilee Hall at 11:00 a.m. as well. If the older hymn singing is not your cup of tea, this is a great time to check out Rev. Betsy Stewart-Dooley’s service! But if you do enjoy the singing, then this may be a great time to invite someone you know who may also appreciate it!

I pray God’s blessings for you this week in the mean time!

In Christ,
Sam Powers

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