Word of the Week: Passion

Written By Rev. David Wiggs

Rev. David Wiggs is the Senior Minister at Boston Avenue UMC

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Word of the Week, March 22: Passion

This coming Sunday is Palm/Passion Sunday. It is the Sunday we walk with Jesus into Jerusalem. The tension builds as he faces the authorities in the town and in the temple. Palm Sunday reminds us of his entry, the designation of Passion Sunday reminds us of the suffering he endures during the week. It is at the heart of each of our Gospels.

For the sermon we will read from Mark’s account of his entry in Mark 11:1- 11. This will be the final part of our Lenten series Confession: A Season of Hope, Healing and Freedom. We will investigate the link between the passion of Jesus and the hope of the coming of the kingdom of God as we tie that to the path of confession and the blessings we can experience. The sermon title will be Confession as Grace.

The Easter celebration is one week away from this Sunday! The journey through Holy Week is heavy with suffering and sorrow, yet it leads to a bright new resurrection reality. I encourage you to attend services for Holy Thursday and Good Friday to experience the depth of God’s love and the joy of the resurrection.

Easter services start with Easter Eve at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and continue Sunday morning at 9:00 (in the sanctuary) and two services at 11:00 (traditional worship in the sanctuary and a modern alternative in Jubilee Hall).

Remember many people who do not attend worship regularly, are thinking they should go to church, but often they are not sure where to attend. Invite them to join us at the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. You can be sure they will be greeted warmly and be inspired by Easter worship.

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