Word of the Week: Legacy

Written By Rev. David Wiggs

Rev. David Wiggs is the Senior Minister at Boston Avenue UMC

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Word of the Week, November 17: Legacy

Note: Route 66 Marathon may cause road closings which inhibit your drive to Boston Avenue this Sunday. Check ahead of time for ease of navigation.

Thousands of people will be running throughout Tulsa, but we will be here in the sanctuary for worship at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. I hope you will plan to join in the celebration of God’s love alive in the world and in this place! We will also have Administrative Board/Charge Conference at 12:15 p.m. this Sunday.

Characteristics of Faithful Living continues as our series this week as we move to 1st Samuel for our Bible lesson. 1st Samuel 1:4-20 tells the story of Hannah while she is having trouble conceiving a child. She is greatly troubled. It is hard for her to see, but better times are ahead. Join us as we explore the important idea of Legacy.

We come to the last two Sundays of the Christian calendar. This week and then the 26th will be Christ the King Sunday. I hope you will plan your time so that if you are in town, you can be at worship to help us finish the Christian year strong!

The first Sunday in December is two weeks from this Sunday and starts the season of Advent. We will offer powerful Sunday morning experiences, plus special opportunities each Sunday evening throughout Advent. Watch for our Advent mailer and mark your calendar so that you don’t miss out on these spectacular Boston Avenue Advent experiences!

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