Word of the Week: Eastertide

Written By Rev. David Wiggs

Rev. David Wiggs is the Senior Minister at Boston Avenue UMC

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Word of the Week, April 19: Eastertide

You may have felt like many who have written me about Easter Sunday or Confirmation Sunday worship. Many of you have spoken, called or written me. Here is on example: “Dear David, Easter Sunday— WOW!! My husband and I felt so blessed to be there and be part of worship. Thank you for all you and your staff do.” Or this: “Confirmation Sunday, my favorite Sunday.” and “Hallelujah, so joyful. I love my church!”

Our staff does a great job of preparing everything from bulletins to flowers, to greeters to prayers, to music and sermons. Then your participation makes it all flow and crescendo as we worship God together. I feel so privileged to be a part of the work God does through this amazing church. I hope to see you Sunday!

We continue to explore Resurrection Living in our sermon series. This Sunday we will turn to John 10:11-18. Jesus is teaching about his identity and his relationship to God and his relationship to his disciples. During the sermon we will examine relationships with Christ and learning to let Christ care for us. The sermon title is Living with the Good Shepherd.

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