Biblical Stewardship

Written By Rev. David Wiggs

Rev. David Wiggs is the Senior Minister at Boston Avenue UMC


I want to know more about Biblical Stewardship.

Jesus invites us into life with God at the center. As a part of that life with God we have opportunity to give to support the work of God through our church. The wisdom of Scripture suggests we give a percentage, not an amount. That’s so wise because everyone has 10%, when we give first to God. The tithe, or 10%, is the Biblical standard for giving. Everyone can target that standard based on the resources flowing to them.

The Bible suggests that we handle our financial stewardship or resources like this. Give the first gift to God. Giving the first gift to God puts God as your priority and then all other things take their place.

The Bible also sets the tithe (which means 10%) as the standard for giving back to God. Rather than an amount, the Bible suggests percentages because we do not all have the same resources. So, setting a certain amount to give would make things disproportionate. Yet, basing our giving on percentages makes it more proportionate or fairer in each person’s situation. Most people are not at the 10% giving level, but it is a goal which we can work toward. Cultivating generosity can be an area of Christian growth if we decide we want to grow each year in our giving.

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