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Word of the Week for June 16th, 2023

During the American Guild of Organists Southwest Regional Convention, which is scheduled to take place from June 27th to 30th, 2023, Boston Avenue is delighted to serve as a hosting venue for several inspiring free events. Guided by the core value of “cultivating music, architecture, and the arts as a means of experiencing God,” Boston Avenue is honored to contribute to the convention’s mission of fostering a profound connection between spirituality and the creative arts. These events will offer attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of sacred music, witness the harmonious interplay of architecture and acoustics, and engage with renowned musicians and organists who are dedicated to creating transformative and soul-stirring musical experiences.

Through these offerings, Boston Avenue aims to extend a warm welcome to both convention participants and the wider community, inviting them to explore the powerful role of music and the arts in deepening their spiritual journeys.

Some of the events happening at Boston Avenue include Opening Worship on Tuesday, June 27 at 10:30 a.m. and an organ recital by Jonathan Ryan on Thusday, June 29 at 7:30 p.m. A complete list of all free events during the convention can be found by downloading the pdf here! As we host these exciting free events that celebrate the intimate connection between music, architecture, and spirituality, we genuinely hope to see you!

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