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On Sunday, January 28, the Administrative Board began its 2024 year of work on behalf of the church and you, its congregation.

By Richard Wansley, Administrative Board Chairperson

On Sunday, January 28, the Administrative Board began its 2024 year of work on behalf of the church and you, its congregation. New Board Members were recognized as well as the chairs of all committees and workgroups. The contributions of Suzy Morgan, retiring as Secretary to the Board, were recognized as we welcomed Lisa Patino as our new board Secretary. The Finance Committee Chair, Scott Morgan, updated us on our financial status and requested (and was granted) approval from the board to allocate additional funds to repair the underpass – these funds will supplement the insurance payment made for the accidental damage which occurred last year. Importantly, Scott announced that we finished our fundraising campaign in December as one of the strongest months in decades, leading us to be well-positioned for 2024. My thanks to all of you who were able to make a financial commitment to keep our church vital and strong!

Rev. Betsy Stewart-Dooley led the Board in prayerful silence as she read the names of those who left their mortal lives since our last meeting in November 2023. She also noted new births as well. Keith Bethell reported on recent activities and future plans for the youth and Ed Payton introduced us to innovations in the church’s mission program (contact Ed for more information and see his article on Page 1 of this edition of The Word). I informed the Board that its Financial Health Workgroup has identified an alternative use of underutilized church property, the East parking lot in particular, as a possible source of income while also meeting an important community need. Initial research and discussions have centered on use of this property as “workforce housing” – affordable rental units for the likes of professionals such as teachers, law enforcement officers, downtown office workers, entry level professionals who work in the downtown area, and, perhaps, even those who are employed or attend school at our neighbor, Tulsa Community College. The Board gave its general agreement to pursue further investigation and conversations on this conceptual idea, understanding that any financial commitment or long-term changes to property must be formally ratified by the church’s relevant committees and other groups, including the Administrative Board, prior to engaging in such a project. Next steps will include defining the parameters and sources for conducting a formal feasibility study. It was also made clear that sale of the property was not an option being considered by the Workgroup. In the next month or so, a more comprehensive summary of the ongoing work of the Financial Health Workgroup will be reported to the church.

Our Board meeting adjourned with a benediction given by Rev. David Wiggs. You can contact me via email at to hear your comments and your questions. What a great church! I love our church!

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