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The Organ

The first organ at Boston Avenue Church was built by the Kilgen Organ Company at a cost of $40,000. Its 48 ranks of pipes were playable from an electric-action, four-manual console. The organ was dedicated on June 12, 1929 by Albert Riemenschneider.

In 1961, the Music Committee agreed to purchase a new pipe organ for the church. The new organ was built by the M. P. Möller Company of Hagerstown, Maryland. It consisted of 72 ranks of pipes playable from a four-manual console. In 1962 the 32' Bourdon was installed and three years later the 32' Posaune was added. The organ was dedicated on February 20, 1962 by Robert Glasgow.

In November of 1986, the Administrative Board approved a $400,000 expansion and improvement project for the organ, to be carried out by the M. P. Möller Company. Exposed pipes were added in the sanctuary, as well as a new four-manual console featuring electro-pneumatic action and solid state combination action. The organ was enlarged to 73 stops, 105 ranks, and 5,869 pipes including the Trompette-en-Chamade located in the ceiling above the balcony. The organ has seven different organ chambers and is currently valued at over $1 million. It was dedicated on February 28, 1988 by Fred Elder.

In 1995 a tonal revision project was begun with Daniel Angerstein of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This project was completed in 1999 with the addition of a new Trompette-en-Chamade.

In 2014, the electrical system of the organ was replaced with the Peterson ICS-4000, complete with 256 memory levels, midi control, sequencer, and many other features.

The Fred Elder Recital Series

The Fred Elder Recital Series was established in August of 1994 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Fred Elder as Organist of The Boston Avenue Church. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of many people, this endowed series enables the church to bring the finest musicians from around the world to perform here. Our featured organist for 2017 was Monica Czausz. Her recital, on Sunday, January 29 at 5 p.m., was the twenty-third in the series.

1995 Fred Elder, Inaugural Recital
1996 Dame Gillian Weir
1997 Thierry Mechler
1998 John Scott Whiteley
1999 Stewart Wayne Foster
2000 James Diaz
2001 Marilyn Keiser
2002 Stephen Hamilton
2003 Alan Morrison
2004 Stefan Engels
2005 Christoph Bull
2006 Timothy Olsen
2007 John Schwandt
2008 Frederick Swann
2009 Ken Cowan
2010 Isabelle Demers
2011 David Briggs
2012 Mary Preston
2013 Nathan Laube
2014 Clive Driskill-Smith
2015 Bradley Hunter Welch
2016 Todd Wilson
2017 Monica Czausz


Boston Avenue Church purchased its first set of Whitechapel handbells in 1958. Currently, our five ensembles perform on a five-octave set of Malmark handbells, four large sixth-octave handbells (Bflat 2, G2, F2, & C2), and a four-octave set of Malmark choir chimes. In addition, the church owns two five-octave sets of Whitechapel handbells and one four-octave set of Malmark handbells.


In addition to numerous Yamaha studio pianos, Boston Avenue musicians enjoy performing on numerous fine instruments including: a Steinway L, a Steinway A, and a completely rebuilt seven-foot Steinway grand, two 6-foot Baldwin Bs, a Yamaha G, a seven-foot Vose, and a nine-foot Knabe concert grand. In addition, the church owns a beautiful Franco-Flemish Martin harpsichord.

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