How do I join the church?

Just let us know you'd like to become a church member! Either Rev. David Wiggs, our Senior Pastor, or Angelyn Dale, Executive Director and General Counsel, will be happy to help you.

"Becoming a member is an important, but easy and friendly process! We are all part of a larger family of faith. Our congregation would love to celebrate with you! If you are willing to be recognized, at the end of the service our Senior Pastor, David Wiggs, will invite you to come to the altar. Afterward, he will ask you to join him in the Great Hall, as a group, to allow others to greet you. We will also take your picture for the church newspaper.

If you'd rather join in a more personal and private setting, we can make those arrangements. We are so happy that you want to be a part of our church family, and hope you will take this opportunity to make your connection official. It will be a day of great celebration at Boston Avenue Church! If you would like to visit further, please contact us either by phone (918.699.0131), or by e-mail. We look forward to knowing you better."

What are Sunday mornings like?

The building can be intimidating, but the people are friendly and diverse! You should see all kinds of dress -- from suits and ties to jeans and flip flops. There should be a smiling greeter to welcome you and help with any special needs, such as where to find child care or a restroom.

What classes are available for children and youth?

Age-appropriate Sunday School classes are available at 9:40 every Sunday morning for all children and youth, infants through high school seniors. Extended Sunday School is also offered for infants through first graders during the 11:00 worship service, and 4-year-olds through first graders participate in a children’s worship service at 11:15 that is geared just for them.

Boston Avenue is so BIG. How do I find a Sunday School class or small group?

There are a number of classes available, and they offer a wide range of options – small or large, lecture or discussion-oriented, etc. Angelyn Dale will be happy to help you find one that is a good fit, or to try out several class options.

Ministers are also easy to spot, on Sunday mornings, because they all wear black robes. Additionally, a list of classes, with a brief description and location of each, is also available in the information booths around the church.

Can I participate in communion if I’m not a member?

Communion in the United Methodist Church is open to all who wish to participate!

How can I get a tour of the building?

Guided tours are offered each Sunday morning immediately following the 11:00 worship service, beginning in the church library. Weekday tours can be arranged by calling the church office, 918.583.5181.

What Bible study opportunities are available?

There are a number of opportunities available! Melanie Linsky, our Adult Education Assistant, would be happy to help with any questions you may have about Bible Study options. You may reach her at 918.699.0147, or by E-mail.

Rev. Amy Venable, our Pastoral Care Minister, also teaches a Bible study class every Sunday morning from 9:40-10:40 in the sanctuary, and all are welcome.

How can I become involved in the church?

Just let us know you are interested in getting involved! Angelyn Dale would be happy to connect you with any special interest opportunities. She is also available to talk with you about identifying the areas where you might be a great fit!