Sunday School


At Boston Avenue, we believe effective Sunday School can touch the lives of everyone in the congregation - from the very young to the very old.

Sunday School is a place where people and the church is transformed:

  • Growing leaders for the church’s mission
  • Increasing people’s sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • Providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • Deepening people’s understanding of God’s activity in all of life

We encourage you to try any classes you like and find a place where you can connect with others on the journey of life!

Click here to watch a video about Christian Education at Boston Avenue Church.

Children Infants-5th Grade Youth

Children's Sunday School begins with infants. Age-appropriate materials and methods are used to help even our youngest ones become aware of God’s great love for them. Preschool classes all meet on the first floor of the Children’s Building.

6th Grade Youth

Sixth Grade is the year for Confirmation Class. Classes begin in August, and the youth are confirmed and welcomed into full church membership on Confirmation Sunday in April. They continue to meet and learn together, enjoy fellowship and do mission projects together throughout the year, and in the spring, each receives an adult mentor called a Friend in Faith.

7th-8th Grade (Mid-High) Youth

Making friends at church is key to wanting to be part of our church family and be comfortable in all settings. BA's 7th-8th Youth programs strive to provide friendly and hospitable activities where lifelong friendships can be formed and kept, where a young person begins to branch out in their faith journey and make some decisions about where God is calling them to serve.

9th-12th Grade (Senior High) Youth

BA's Senior High Youth (9th-12th Grades) strives to provide a place to learn of God's great love, to share this love with others, and to find purpose in life. We invite high school age students to join us and become a part of our social interactions, missions, music and drama groups, Reconciliation Council Ministries, outings, retreats and camps.


Boston Avenue offers a variety of Adult Sunday School Classes for many age levels and areas of interest. Leaders use a variety of learning activities to challenge and nurture persons in the Christian faith.

Our adult classes represent a wide variety of experiences. We have larger classes who enjoy a lecture format and smaller classes that provide opportunity for discussion. We encourage you to visit any classes you find interesting to find the one right for you!