Small Groups

Imagine laughing and talking about your week while working on a beaded necklace. Or playing a full throttle game of basketball and then sitting down with your Christian brothers to talk about where your faith was challenged during the week. Maybe you are looking for a group to engage in a serious Bible study? Groups meet once a month for approximately 1 1/2 hours-2 hours and select their own topics to study with their leaders. It will be the highlight of your week!!!

Senior Class Small Group - "Pinkstache"

Led by the dynamic duo of Debbie Aycock and Bill Tankersley, seniors enjoy food, fellowship, faith building, and preparing for life after high school. They meet at the Aycock's residence. This group meets from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on select Sundays.

Junior Class Small Group

Led by the amazing Bret and Kirsten Unterschuetz, all juniors are invited to join them for fun, fellowship, and faith building!

Sophomore Girls Small Group - "Holy Guacamoles"

Led by Laura Daniel. They typically meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon.

Sophomore Girls Small Group

Led by Beth Green and Michelle Phillips, all sophomore girls are invited to join! They meet monthly on Sunday evening.

Freshmen Girls Small Group

Led by Debbie Peterson and Kelley Loud, all freshmen girls are invited to join! They regularly meet at the Schell's house, and enjoy great fellowship together.


Interested in shooting hoops with the guys from church? We will have at least one Senior High team, if not two! Teams will begin to form and practice by early November, and the games begin the first Saturday in January and run through the end of February. Tournament play is the first two weeks of March. Contact our Senior High Youth Director, Jennifer Solis, at 918.699.0132 for more information.