Sunday School

Sunday morning on the third floor begins with donuts and punch and hot chocolate or coffee drinks in our lobby with gathering time for singing and announcements. Adults volunteer to be our hosts and hostesses for our coffee bar.

Sunday School classes include a variety of teaching and learning styles. We teach topics that are meaningful and relevant to our young teens with a goal to help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Parents and other fun-loving adults volunteer to teach. United Methodist curriculum is provided.

Offerings to our youth may include classes in our art room, movie room, or even cooking in the kitchen. We have rooms for Bible Studies and guest speakers, too. The school year is divided into sessions, and each may have a different theme and teaching style. One model may be rotation, where youth can enroll in the class of their choice, while another might involve a speaker who leads the class, which then breaks into small groups for conversation.

We encourage youth to think for themselves and to learn to make good decisions about their personal life, relationships with peers and family, future plans, and spiritual growth.

Classes are designed so youth can come any Sunday and be part of a class. Friends are always welcome!

Please join us on the 3rd floor every Sunday morning from 9:40 to 10:40 a.m.!