Service Projects

Teens want to help make a difference in the community and beyond. Our mid-high youth are encouraged and given the opportunity through specific projects to be part of a service-learning community. Helping others engages us in meaningful service, and we can learn much from the experience. Working side-by-side with one another helps cement our relationships, encourages the art of hospitality, and helps us use and find our God-given talents. Come join us as we show God’s love helping others!

Circle of Care and other United Methodist Agencies

Throughout their three years in mid-high youth at Boston Avenue, teens will learn about our United Methodist “Circle of Care” ministries. Through collections of items needed and traveling to some of the facilities for hands-on work, we can help make a difference. Boys Ranch, Girls Home, Frances Willard, which houses our Child Share, and Pearl’s Hope, are some of the places we help.

Restore Hope… Bringing items to people in crisis

We have taken a tour, collected canned goods, and helped with chapel time at Restore Hope.

Oklahoma Methodist Manor… Enjoying the older members of our community

We love going to Methodist Manor to visit! We have helped with gardening, brought our group to sing, done crafts, had ice cream parties, delivered Valentine flowers and crosses at Easter, plus we hold an annual Christmas Caroling day in December.

Redemption Ministry… Serving the imprisoned

We really like serving dinner at St. Luke’s UMC on Sunday evenings. Lots of smiles are captured from everyone in the building!

Project Transformation… Loving little children

We are too young to be readers at this summer reading camp, but we have provided movie days and other fun activities for inner-city children.

Places around our Community

Neighbor for Neighbor, The Food Bank, Day Center for the Homeless, Salvation Army, John 3:16, and Emergency Infant Services are some of the places we visit during the year.

Presidential Service Award

Boston Avenue is an official, certifying organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, and we would like to encourage our youth to consider stepping up and working toward this award!

This volunteer award is a formal way to connect what we already do with a larger organization. We track volunteer hours for the purpose of recognizing those youth that do a lot for our community. Our tracking time is from September through August. Awards are presented at one of the fall Administrative Board meetings.

Earning the award qualifies students to receive a logo pin, frameable certificate, and letter from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. This is a prestigious award that can be used to qualify for scholarships, National Honor Society, and other awards. Students can earn the bronze, silver, or gold award depending on their hours served.

To be eligible for an award, youth ages 14 and under must have completed one of the levels of service listed below. Our qualifying time each school year is from September through August.

  • Bronze 50-74 hours
  • Silver 75-99 hours
  • Gold 100+ hours


To earn an award, youth much complete a registration form and return it to Debbie Peterson so names can be entered into our tracking system. All hours completed towards this award that are done outside of Boston Avenue must be approved by Debbie and meet the Presidential Volunteer Service Award requirements. Once registered, our mission projects at Boston Avenue will be added to your name each time you complete an hour of service. Your service in our choirs is also counted, but only worship time, not rehearsal time.

Registration Form
Service Hours Record Form

To learn more about how to earn the award, please visit:
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