Acolytes Lead the Way!

As part of taking the next step of faith through Confirmation, Confirmands have a valuable opportunity to serve our church family as an acolyte. Boston Avenue acolytes place the major symbols of our faith (cross, light, & bible) before the worshipping community each Sunday morning at 11 a.m. and at special times like Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday. This activity is an important and meaningful way to enhance worship and be in ministry to others.

Each week, four acolytes are scheduled to fill the positions of Crucifer (the one who carries the cross), Bookmark Bearer (the one who carries the Bible’s bookmarks), and two Candlelighters (the ones who light the candles on the altar). On an assigned Sunday, the youth meet with an adult acolyte coordinator following Sunday School to put on a special robe called an alb and prepare for the service. At the end of the processional hymn, the youth complete their responsibilities and return to their parents (a total time commitment of about 20 minutes). To view a copy of the current acolyte schedule, please click here, or contact Debbie Peterson for more information.