Sunday School

Sunday School for Adults of All Ages

Boston Avenue offers a variety of Adult Sunday School Classes for many age levels and areas of interest.
Leaders use assorted teaching methods and learning activities to challenge and nurture persons in the Christian faith.

Our adult classes represent a wide range of experiences. We have larger classes who enjoy a lecture format and smaller classes that provide opportunity for discussion. We encourage you to visit any classes you find interesting to find the one right for you! All classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:40 a.m. until 10:40 a.m. For more information, please contact Rev. Sara Pugh Montgomery at 918.699.0127.

Pastor's Bible Study (Sanctuary)

The Pastor's Bible Study is an intensive verse-by-verse study of the Bible for adults of all ages, taught by our Pastoral Care Minister, Rev. Amy Venable, in the Sanctuary. CDs of this class are also available through the Church Office, or you can click here to listen to the recordings from the study. Currently on hiatus, the class will begin anew the first Sunday after Easter, April 8, 2018.

Journey (Room J130)

Journey is a class for post-college singles and couples in their 20's and early 30's. The class includes exciting lessons, thoughtful discussion, missions, and social activities. Class members look forward to learning and growing together on their faith "journey."

Cornerstone (Room J120)

Cornerstone is a class for individuals and couples primarily in their 30's and 40's with and without young children. The class offers a relaxed and informal small group within the larger Boston Avenue community and uses a mix of traditional lecture and open discussion to explore the difficult subjects facing the church today.

New Frontiers Class (Room J230)

New Frontiers Class is a growing mid-size class with a variety of married couples and singles, consisting of adults in their 30's through early 40's, both with and without young children. Class emphasis is on Methodism and personal faith development, as well as marriage and family development. The class has outstanding speakers and discussion, with excellent regular social activities and routine philanthropic mission projects.

Horizons Class (Multi-Purpose Room)

Horizons Class is a mid-size class of couples and singles in their 30's through early 50's with and without children. Curriculum includes both class discussion and instructor-directed studies of the Bible, Methodism, world religions and cultures, personal relationships, parenting, and spiritual enrichment. Anyone interested in visiting the class is welcome. The class's social, mission, and philanthropic activities are an excellent way to meet others and make new, lifelong friends.

Maranatha Class (Room J221)

Maranatha Class is a larger class of couples and singles mid-aged and older who are involved with their professions and families. The class lessons focus on study and discussions of faith, missions, Biblical principles, and other topical issues. Class members participate in a variety of social gatherings and fellowship on a regular basis. Audio recordings of Maranatha Sunday School Lessons are now available on the class website.

Seek & Discover Class (Room J128)

Seek & Discover Class is a class for both single and married adults in their 30's through 60's, featuring a variety of speakers and topics, with discussion always welcome. Class socials and mission opportunities are offered throughout the year. If you "seek" a unique, spirit-filled class, come "discover" what awaits you!

Pilgrimage Class (Little Dining Room)

Pilgrimage Class welcomes pilgrims of any age wherever they are on their faith journeys. Current members range in age from their 30's to 70's. Class interests are diverse, including topics such as: mission outreach, social concerns, interfaith understanding, theological investigation, family living, and global awareness. Sunday mornings offer friendly meetings, with outstanding speakers, designed to help us witness, question, challenge, and better understand our Christian faith and responsibilities in the world. Additional monthly activities include both social fellowship and community projects.

Heritage Class (Room J229)

Heritage Class is a class for couples and singles in their late 50's to mid 70's with positive outlooks on life. Lessons are led by a variety of teachers and deal with many different topics, including Bible study and social concerns. The class enjoys monthly socials and welcomes anyone looking for a caring group to join them on Sunday.

Homebuilders Class (Oxford Room)

Homebuilders Class is a class of couples and singles in their 60's and above. Lectures and discussions led by a wide range of teachers covering many different study subjects, including Bible study, comparative religion, history, topics of local interest, and missions. The class enjoys singing, regular socials, eating out, and outreach ministries.

Roundtable Class (Room J227)

Roundtable Class is a class for couples and singles who are "forever young." Wide range of study topics presented primarily through discussion and lecture. Known as a "caring class" for socials, service projects, and outreach activities. Visitors and new members are always welcome for fun, food, friendship, and fellowship.

Wesley Fellowship Class (Asbury Room)

Wesley Fellowship Class is a class for couples and singles in their late 60's and above. Study topics are chiefly biblical, with lecture and discussion. Frequent social events.

Living the Questions (Room J220)

Living the Questions is a 21-week series that promotes discussion and the exploration of our faith with DVD segments from some of the finest scholars in the world. Designed to help thinkers and seekers alike discover the significance of Christianity in the 21st Century and what a meaningful faith can look like in today's world.

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