Care Ministries

Pastoral Care

Rev. Amy Venable is our Minister of Pastoral Care who travels to the hospitals in the metropolitan area and visits and prays with members and their families. If there is an emergency, contact her at 918.292.9829. Rev. Venable officiates at most of the funerals at Boston Avenue Church and has great skill and care dealing with people who are grieving and who experience a loss in their lives.

Congregational Care Team

Our church has a Care Team of trained laypersons who are ready and willing to visit and share the love of Christ with those who are in need of long-term care, those who are homebound, and those who simply need support walking through a difficult time in their life. Although they are not therapists, they do provide a listening ear and support dealing with an especially hard period in life. Rev. Amy Venable oversees our Congregational Care Team, and she can be reached by calling 918.699.0130.

Prayer Ministry

Take heart and be encouraged! The Prayer Ministry is praying daily for God to bless you and every member and ministry of our congregation. Our team prays daily over the needs presented to us through the prayer request cards we receive on Sunday morning (located in the pew backs) as well as the messages left on the 24-hour prayer phone line (918.699.0158), forwarded to us from Sunday School class prayer chains, or sent by email. We welcome additional prayers at any time. Let us know what's weighing on your heart.

Telephone Team

We attempt to make follow-up calls to those who have recently gone home from a hospitalization, who are experiencing a long recuperation, who are recently bereaved, and occasionally those who we have not seen in church for a long time.

Note Writers

A few dedicated care team members write notes of comfort and support to the bereaved reminding them of our love and prayers.